Whatsapp Quotes – Most Wanted Collection (2020)

Expressing your feelings on social media is the most popular way of mind relax. In our day to day life, we can put Whatsapp Quotes in our own words like what we are doing? What’s going on? What is the current feeling of yours? If you are in a happy mood, you can share it with your friends, cousins, colleges, and family members, and you can celebrate it with them.

Not only in happiness…But also, when you are in a sad mood, you can share it by putting some unique quotes related to your situation as a WhatsApp status. After seen this status, your friends care about you. So you can relax your mind and quickly find solutions to your problems.

There are funny quotes, Cool quotes, sad quotes, Angry quotes like that. Are you also searching for a quote related to your feelings and your situation? Don’t worry. You have a quote similar to your expectations here. There are different types of quotes for you. Hurry up and select your one.


 In your lifetime, sometimes you have to face difficult situations. Then you feel depressed. You can not identify what you have to do as the next step. And your mind is like a salad or a clew. So at those moments, you have to fix your mood and relax your mind.

So…. you can share your feelings with your dearest by putting a status. Be calm and select your quote.

  • One day you also will fell, who guided me in the wrong way. But on that day I will be with you.
  • The deepest secrets are in a beautiful smile…Always tears are in two most beautiful eyes…It hurts quickly for a kind heart.
  • Don’t think more than just in trouble. In a world where nothing is perfect… No matter how difficult you are at the moment, it will change.
  • If you can remember …. “that people can change in a matter of seconds and that change can be perfectly justified.”
  • You can identify the smell of it before you eat, but you can’t recognize people until the wrong things happen.
  • If a flower fells down from a tree, never dies the tree. Dies only the flower.
  • Pessimistic people will see the bush of thorns with roses. The optimistic people will see roses in a forest of thorns.


When you are in a happy mood, you can share it with your dearest ones. You can laugh, together..you can share a smile for everyone. In your free time, you can put a funny status and fix your moods and others also.

Hurry up..!Select the most humorous quotes and share with your buddies. Always Be Happy…

  • One stone is enough to break glass…One sentence is enough to break a heart…One second is enough to fall in love. Then why the hell one chapter is not enough to pass the exam?
  • I loved someone before. Then I had a heart attack. The doctor said, don’t do that stupid thing again.
  • Friends never judge each other. They judge others together.
  • Oh…God! Someone else built a palace where my heart touched.
  • Child: Dad…I’m going out. Dad: Are you asking me permission, or Are you telling me that you are going out? Child: No..dad.I requested only money.


Any day do you fall in love with someone? It’s the world’s prettiest feeling. When you fall into a romance with someone, you can’t speak well. You are shocked. And actually, you fail to express your idea to him/her. That’s true love. But you have another way.

We have WhatsApp. We can express our feelings by sending messages and putting status. But placing a status is an excellent way to tell your love. Share your opinions with your partner. Be Romantic Lovers Forever…

  • There is a tear in your life that no one has ever said. There are dreams in every life that don’t come true. Some memories never erase anyone.
  • Lonely addicted people don’t run after bonds.
  • Tolerating became my hobby when hurting is becoming your habit.
  • Q: Whatever you forget, you cannot ignore the person who changed your life.
  • Casual meetups are forever bonds.

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