Funny WhatsApp Status – Best Collection 2020

When you want to amuse your friends, look at this list, and you will find funny statuses. Our WhatsApp funny statusand sayings will certainly cheer up everyone who is lucky enough to see them.

  1. The whole world has peace, and I have ice cream.
  2. Damn, I forgot to listen to the advice of outsiders about how to live right.
  3. Will, a black cat bring you misfortune, mainly depends on whether you are a human being or a mouse?
  4. From childhood, Stepan was not like everyone else. In the elevator, he set fire to the corners and pissed on buttons.
  5. The doorbell:- Open! This is the police! “”And who closed you there ?!””
  6. What is the difference between an adult man and a child? An adult weighs more … That’s it !!!!
  7. The doctor tells the blonde:- Do not breathe. Blonde:- Did you fart, or what?
  8. “You have such dazzling white teeth and fresh breath!” What is your secret? – It’s all about the paste … The mouth must be washed at least occasionally !!!
  9. “Oh, that’s it!” – a small spell that a woman casts whenever you prove to her that she is wrong.
  10. At the pharmacy: – Sorry, but do you have a gun with a mustache? – Yes, but today he did not go to work.
  11. Any, even the most awesome or crappy day, sooner or later will end with a freaking internet …
  12. You can’t just take and throw away a wet towel after wiping your face or hands. After this, you must definitely wipe the table, bedside table, chair and shelf …
  13. Who has become friends with you for gaining benefits is not your reliable friend, but the most terrible enemy.
  14. It really hurts when you love and wait for a man, and he finds a replacement for you!
  15. The last days of November passed, goosebumps tore tights.
  16. She loved him so much and made a tattoo “Glory” for herself … Now she loves another, and she has a different tattoo – “Glory to Nikita !!!”
  17. As a child, my mother told me: “Do not eat sweets before dinner – you will kill your appetite.” Time has passed. I grew up, and now I eat sweets all day in the hope of finally killing this stupid appetite !!!
  18. In the male body, the heart is not the only organ you cannot order !!!
  19. Diplomacy is when, instead of a fur coat, you agree to buy gloves for your wife.
  20. Now the acquaintance begins with the phrase: “Do you have any contact?
  21. Near the cash desk of the store. – You take the package? – You somehow disrespectfully speak with me … – Oh, God, what a man, I want a son from you! Take a package?
  22. Doctor, I have two problems. Hands are shaking and memory is bad and hands are shaking.
  23. They say friends on the road do not roll. I don’t know, I don’t know … Anything can happen to mine! …
  24. The most characteristic feature of any time: “Before, we lived better!” …
  25. The fastest-growing plumbers are evolving. Each plumber who comes in is much smarter than the previous one. The phrase almost always sounds: “What a dumbass did you do this ?!”
  26. Time after 22.00 in our family is called: “Well, let’s check that we have not gobbled up for the day!”
  27. I’ve been watching the Olympics for several days now, and I have a suspicion that the same athlete is playing for the Chinese team !!!
  28. In kindergarten, if you go to bed at 21:00 – you’re cool. At school, if you go to bed at 21:00 – you are a complete loser. Well, now, if you go to bed at 21:00 – everyone envies you!
  29. I read the status: “If your wife has a headache, try putting new Italian boots on her forehead!” It’s a pity there is no explanation, on a grand scale or not ?!
  30. To achieve complete harmony in life, I need to swap two things: at 7 in the morning I should feel hungry, and at 1 in the morning I should sleep !!!
  31. Sometimes you look at someone else’s child and sincerely regret that it’s not yours … So you would have fooled me!
  32. Two reasons why I do not allow my wife to ride my Ferrari: 1. My wife does not have a driver’s license. 2. I do not have a Ferrari.


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